The road from Developer to Tech Manager

Tech - Engineering Manager


I graduated in 2003 with a degree in Multimedia Studies–not in Engineering. Started work in 2004 with a multimedia related company and was involved in photo editing. After only six months, I felt that I was not suited for work in multimedia. Around this time, I received an offer from a hosting company based in Singapore, where I was hired as a junior developer. This is where I started programming for the first time. One of my first projects was helping to build out the inquiry/ticketing system to support customers. I continued to work in software development, working for various companies. My final company before joining VELTRA was a gaming company based in Japan with offices in Malaysia. The games were for social networking, facebook games and websystems for feature phones and for IOS and Android platforms. In 2013, I joined VELTRA as a senior web-developer. Here, some of the developing I do is on new combo-special deal features, system optimisation and the newsletter system. I also began managing the junior employees starting in 2016.  

Recommended Activity

There is a place called Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. I like this place because the weather is always pleasant at 15 to 20 degrees. The plateau is used by farmers were various vegetables, fruits and tea are grown. I visit the highlands for its fresh air and the peace. After 9 pm, there is no traffic on the road and the weather is very pleasant. Visitors can enjoy the fresh vegetables and fruit and Steamboat, which is a hot soup with vegetables and meat. The cool temperatures make it the perfect environment for this type of dish. It is a great place to hang out with friends and family, not to mention a great escape from the city. It is only a three hour bus ride from Kuala Lumpur, making it a good day trip destination. 

Reason for Joining VELTRA

I’ve worked at a software house, gaming company and other engineering firms. I feel that they all have a problem with their product, which is that their product life-cycle is very short. New products need to be developed every few months just to keep the company going. This is especially true for mobile gaming. Traffic to a game can drop significantly only after a couple of weeks. After two weeks, the product can be considered dead. Not all products enjoy longevity. This is an aspect of VELTRA’s products that I think are interesting. We have a sustainable in-house product backed by product demand. Moreover, I decided to join because I like to travel. I am a tech person, and so want to develop something related to travel that can be used by many travel lovers around the world.

What Drives Me

I’ve always been attracted to technology, and have spent time learning about new tech and trends since I can remember. I like to check blogs about what other engineers are doing; how they are solving problems regarding the architecture they design. As a company, VELTRA gives me many chances to get involved. And now with Covid, we have learned that tech will continue to play an important role in our everyday lives. 

When working as a team, we are able to build products that can help to solve real world problems. I believe we can use our collective skill and effort to make travel easier and more enjoyable. 

As a manager of other engineers, understanding your team’s strengths, weaknesses, what to assign to who, and to create an environment of creativity and collaboration are called for. In many ways, a manager needs to see further ahead. It’s no longer just the completion of the technical task, but more on customer satisfaction. 

Growth from Developer to Manager

When I joined VELTRA, I did not have a plan on becoming a manager. I joined as a senior developer/engineer. But the company started hiring, giving me a chance to step into a leadership role. As a manager, the routine tasks became more focused on communication, both with my own team and with people from other departments. I now communicate with teams on non-technical terms, to get their feedback team and try to help solve any difficulties they have. As a manager, the focus in more on communication skills

The most challenging aspect of my work is managing and motivating people. If you are working as an engineer, most of your  are facing a machine or code. When you are dealing with people, you need to understand their feelings and unspoken words. Many things you need to sense even if it is not verbalized. 

As a technical manager, the prerequisite is that you understand is the product and how it helps the customer. Tech does not come first. Just as important, is to understand your team, their attributes and behaviors. The goal is to build and lead a team that supports and helps each other. 

Everyone who works at VELTRA Tech will tell you that this is a friendly environment with a healthy work culture. Here, people help and support each other. I believe that becoming part of a new organization, whether you are a new graduate or a mid-career hire, can be stressful. At VELTRA, we want to remove that anxiety and welcome each person’s potential… and I believe we have an environment where you can develop as an engineer and as a leader. I hope you consider joining us!



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