Work at VELTR


People first
People first

We empower employees, partners and customers to actively share their unique perspectives.


We always search for new opportunities and adapt to an ever-changing world with great curiosity and an open mind.


We make a difference through immense preparation, attention to details, and genuine anticipation of the needs not yet realized by our customers and partners.

The Office as
a Place to Connect

As 100% remote work became commonplace, the office has become a place where friends meet and collaborate.

Work Life Balance
Respected Here

We fully embrace remote work, placing importance on productivity while also respecting time for private life.

Diversity & Inclusion

Women managers account for 35% of the company's workforce and over ten nationalities are represented at VELTRA.

Work From Anywhere

VELTRA has a policy that enables employees to work from anywhere in the world. We value new ways of working that emphasize the whole human being, not just you at work.

In Touch with the World

Through our worldwide network of tour partners and VELTRA Group international offices, you will have the opportunity to interact and engage with people from around the world.

The Strength to Change,
The Strength
to Move Forward

We are always looking to launch new services, harnessed by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of our employees.

Work From Anywhere

We have a company policy that allows you to work from anywhere, whether domestically or abroad.

Activity Discount Program

Discounts on VELTRA products can be applied to you and your family.

Secondary and multiple jobs permitted

We support side hustles and outside businesses while working at VELTRA.

Remote Work Allowance

An allowance is provided to maintain sufficient work environment at home.

Online Physician & Health Consultation Service

We care about the health of our employees. In addition to mental health care, we offer a 24-hour health consultation service (chat consultation) with a specialist doctor.

Flexible-hours System

We support flexible hours, enabling employees to pursue morning activities, pick up their children after work without hassle and engage in other self-improvement activities.


Full time
We are not hiring at the moment.
Part time
We are not hiring at the moment.