We believe extraordinary memories from travel are not determined by where you go, but what you do once in destination.
These locations and their experiences, are tangible reminders that continue to blossom in our minds. Instead of just fading away with the passage of time, the memories of these destinations often become more prominent and beautiful as the years go by.
The sights become brighter, the sounds more vibrant, and the tastes are extra savory.

In a day and age where so much is shaped in bite-sized moments in the digital realm, the authentic experience of traveling becomes so much more valuable and real.

Each encounter crafting new ways of seeing and appreciating the world around us.

For some, to travel simply means to visit another location, but we here at VELTRA truly believe that the essence of travel lies in cultural exchange.

With this in mind, we are dedicated to the advancement, evolution and development of a global online marketplace where people from around the world can connect to interact, share experiences, and understand one another.



Vast Global Tours & Activities Line-Up

We cover 150 countries ​and offer over​13,000tours and activities, and with this wide variety of options, we are able to cater to all tastes and personalities. But it is also not just about how many activities we have. We also take care to ensure that each and every option on VELTRA is safe, reliable, and most importantly, unforgetable!

Vast Global Tours & Activities Line-Up Vast Global Tours & Activities Line-Up

Selective Partnerships with Travel Agencies, Tour Guides, & Instructors

We have partnered up with over 4,000 activity partners,​each carefully selected according to our strict and comprehensive standards. It is with great pride that we offer tours and activities operated by real people, and not just faceless corporations.We are honored to connect travelers to over 6,000 professional tour guides and instructorswho are ready to touch the hearts of their guests with warmth, hospitality, and unforgettable experiences.

Partnership with travel agencies, guides & instructors around the world Partnership with travel agencies, guides & instructors around the world

Customer service
We Strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction​

Each of the​300,000 reviews on VELTRA​are all real accounts by travellers who’ve used our service, describing their experiences and thanking their exceptional tour guides.​​Branching out all over the world, we offer 24-hour customer support in multiple languages so each ​and every traveller can enjoy the perfect trip, no matter where they’re from. Our employees are all equally responsible for your experience with VELTRA, and we’ve also implemented NPS* as our customer service guideline as we aim for 100% satisfaction.And of course, we resolve all issues while giving customers the highest priority.​

* NPS: Net Promoter Score. An international metric to measure customer satisfaction. We take into account every aspect of the experience, from the first few inquiries during the planning stage until after the trip has ended.

100% participation, aiming for online customer service where travelers will smile 100% participation, aiming for online customer service where travelers will smile

Corporate Philosophy

To be a global leading company in tourism and international relations,
delivering our unique value, and promoting sustainable growth with stakeholders.



Delivering "tremendous experience" shaking your heart,
Enrich people's lives.

Corporate Values

V VALUE for All Stakeholders
E ENGAGE in Challenging Tasks Actively
L LEAD with Integrity, Insight and Fairness
T Strengthen TEAM Spirit and Our Capabilities
R RESPECT Everyone and Encourage Interaction
A Prosper in the Marketplace with A will to Win

CEO Message

Since its start in 2004, VELTRA has dedicated itself to the realization of a global meeting place where travelers can come together and have extraordinary experiences.​ ​

If we look at travel today, we see the evolution of diverse services that fit the lifestyles and values of the traveler. As a contributor to this change, VELTRA has searched far and wide for select tours and activities to make available on our online service.

While offering useful travel services and activities, VELTRA does not simply leave it to the market to decide on the quality of the product. As professionals in travel, we select only the best tours and activities and take responsibility for the quality of the experience. ""It's from VELTRA. It must be excellent"" is a level of trust that VELTRA strives to gain from all of our customers. I believe that it is this dedication to a balance between the quality of the experience and the quantity of our offers that forms the foundation of our service.

The future of travel promises easier access to information and greater customization of travel through advancements in IT. However, even in such a world, there exist countless extraordinary experiences around the world that are eager to be discovered. The dedication of those people who will enable our experience of these places--the tour guides and instructors--will only increase in importance and value. It is our mission to connect the traveler with such tour guides and instructors who make possible a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Not only does VELTRA make uncharted experiences possible, but we will continue to ensure solutions for safety, both psychological as well as physical as professionals in travel and create a space where people and cultures can connect and where travelers of the world can have extraordinary experiences. Travel has the capacity to bring so much richness to life. Our mission is to ensure that travel flourishes in its best form well into the future.​

Wataru Futagi VELTRA CEO
二木 渉