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At VELTRA, we have been committed to delivering 'genuine experiences' that enable people to deeply appreciate the beauty of cultures, nature, and the individuals who convey them around the world.
The pandemic brought global activities to a sudden halt, causing the tourism market to vanish temporarily. Interestingly, this period of reduced human activity has led to notable improvements in the condition of the natural environment and its ecosystem. This positive outcome serves as a stark reminder of our profound impact on the environment, which serves as the very foundation of tourism.
Amid a dynamic business environment, it is essential that we strive to minimize risk from a long-term perspective and effectively leverage our assets to create positive value, not only for our own future but also for the future of the entire tourism sector.
Realize a better world through hospitality - the true essence of hospitality, which is also embodied in our vision, lies in the mutual sharing of joy and a sense of fulfillment.
Going forward, we will recognize the environment as a vital stakeholder and be respectful to all individuals involved in our business to foster a global society where people and the natural environment harmoniously coexist, creating a sustainable future.
President & CEO
Wataru Futagi
Achieving VELTRA vision
Realize a better world through hospitality
Achieving VELTRA vision
Implementation structure
Implementation structure Implementation structure
Initiatives towards a sustainable environment
Sustainable tourist sites
  • We are making thorough efforts toward creating a sustainable environment through participating in partnerships with the Government of Japan, local governments, and tourism bureaus. In 2022, our initiatives included entering an agreement with the Ministry of the Environment through the National Park Official Partnership Program and joining the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).
  • Through the planning, creation, and sale of travel experiences, including our Educational Trips for Adults series, we are working together with local tour companies and governments to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment, animals, and biodiversity and create a world where all can benefit.
  • We are also contributing to regional revitalization through tourism by offering activity-based experiences via our Deep in Japan tours and the Furusato Nouzei program, which enable people to experience the hidden charm of places throughout Japan and connect with local residents.
Initiatives towards a sustainable society
Safe and secure travel
  • In our agreements with local tour companies, we ensure appropriateness of operations by verifying licenses, compensation insurance, accident histories, relations with anti-social forces, safety management standards, and standards for product quality and services, in accordance with regulations for product transaction management and standards for the selection of business partners.
  • Through the sale of Barrier Free Tours and implementation of Universal Tourism Training, we promote greater understanding of the challenges and circumstances of seniors and those with disabilities, striving to realize a sustainable society where everyone can enjoy travel.
A workplace that enables diverse talent to thrive
  • At VELTRA, we make an active effort to create a working environment where all employees can feel comfortable and thrive. With 63% of employees being women, we ensure women can play active roles, and we also emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We have a system in place for supporting employees through major life events such as maternity and parenting, and we also provide support for returning to work. This has enabled us to achieve a return-to-work rate after maternity leave of 99% and a ratio of women in managerial positions of 45%.
  • We introduced a work-from-home system in 2018 and a work-from-anywhere system in 2021, aiming to promote diverse work styles that are not restricted to one work site and further improve operational efficiency and productivity.
  • We work to reduce mental health risks for employees by ensuring medical checkups attendance and performing regular stress checks. We also collectively analyze results and promote health management to improve the working environment.
  • Governance initiatives
    Legal compliance / Governance
    • We have established a corporate governance system to improve the transparency and effectiveness of management and enhance our internal control framework and compliance system.
    • Our Basic Policy on Anti-bribery is applied to all employees and executives, and we also comply with any laws and regulations that may be applied in regard to the prohibition of bribery in the countries and regions we operate in.
    • We are firmly aware of the fact that confidential and personal information are information assets. We aim to strengthen information security in accordance with our Basic Policy on Information Security to ensure confidentiality, completeness, and availability of information.
    • To make sure that the personal information of customers can be used both safely and easily, we comply with laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information as well as other guidelines and our Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information.