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Marketing - Online Promotion team Manager


I joined VELTRA in September 2021 in the midst of COVID-19. In my previous position, I worked for a large retail company in digital marketing and numerical strategy. With a lengthy history in digital and  business areas, I’ve worked in a wide variety of B2B and startup businesses.

Since my career has been centered on product sales, I was always interested in working in experience marketing as my next challenge. There was no better place than VELTRA to be active in this field.

Recommended Activity

I have been scuba diving both in and outside of Japan. Overseas, I’ve been to the Maldives for a ten day scuba diving tour where I enjoyed drift diving (a scuba technique in which you let the current take you where it wants you). In Japan, I’ve been to Miyakojima Island, famous for its topographic diving, where many a time, I’ve been healed by the beauty of the topographic spots created by nature.

I also love the paella cuisine of El Tragon in VELTRA’s “Cusines of the WORLD” (Sekai no GOHAN), a service that allows you to enjoy dishes from around the globe at the comfort of home.

Reason for Joining VELTRA

Having worked in product merchandising for a long time in my previous job, I was interested in a product category that was not about physical goods. The opportunity arose to work for VELTRA, whose products are experiences, which I’ve always been interested in, as I enjoy hands-on activities like diving and camping myself. Although the travel market was closed due to COVID-19, I was convinced that the demand for travel would never disappear, and it was precisely because of this turbulent time that I decided to make the jump to VELTRA.

What Drives Me

The work to attract customers via search engines, which I am in charge of, is the most important and most rewarding part of VELTRA marketing. In addition, this company has an environment where you can actively take on new challenges, with an abundance of opportunities to take on fascinating projects. At VELTRA, projects always move forward. The reason for this is a culture in which people feel comfortable approaching each other even about the smallest matters without hesitation. With this kind of organizational culture, I find it both challenging and rewarding. Currently, I am very fulfilled in my work.

Here, you can challenge yourself in many different ways, and the “activities” that we offer as our products are full of fun. I hope you will join us and also feel the joy of work. Activities that are created with a sense of “fun” by their creators are sure to be fun for the customers as well. I hope that you will feel the fun and nurture that feeling when you join us!



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