Being a part of company history since 2003

Hawaii Activities - Office Manager


After graduating with a degree in Hospitality & Tourism, I joined Book it Hawaii in 2003– an over the phone travel booking agency. As online capabilities advanced, Book it Hawaii evolved into the Online Travel Agency it is today, now known as Hawaii Activities– a Group Company of VELTRA. 

I love working with customers… it did not feel like work at all. From my first position as a customer service agent, I became a supervisor and then grew into a sales marketing assistant. The company trusted me so much that I went into the accounting department, even though it was not my area of specialty. I now prepare and maintain important financial reports, reconcile bank records, prepare payroll and more. A big milestone for me and an honor to be in this career path. 

I am currently the Office Manager at HA. I interact with all partners, employees, banks and insurance companies. There are so many things to do for the company to stay afloat. A huge task that the company has given me. They trust me and I love it!

Recommended Activity

If it is your first time in Hawaii, you should do a luau. At the end of your day touring around the island, a luau is the best way to unwind and relax. The luau is a traditional Hawaiian event, with a mix of different dances, Polynesian culture, and food all in one place. There are many luaus around the island, but the one I would recommend is Chief’s Luau. The main host Chief Sielu is a famous comedian and the first World Fireknife Dance Champion. He’s hilarious and you will be laughing all throughout the show.  It’s also very educational as you will learn about the Polynesian islands and its culture.  It is also very inspirational as he shares about his life story growing up in the island of Samoa, to what he is today.  It’s a great show for friends or family and the people that you love. I’ve seen it three times and would happily see it again.

Reason for Joining VELTRA

I was already working with Hawaii Activities when VELTRA was acquired in 2004. At the time business was primarily with Japan. I loved my job and I loved the people I worked with. When VELTRA became a global company, I truly became excited. Today, I work with people in Malaysia, Manila, Tokyo, and Paris. I tell people around me that I want to retire with this company. Another reason I was able to stay at VELTRA was that, being a young mom at the time, VELTRA demonstrated an understanding and flexibility that made it possible. If you work at VELTRA or Hawaii Activities, work life balance will always be there.

What Drives Me

In my work, teamwork and communication is what drives me. After twenty years at Hawaii Activities, I am now the office manager with experience in all aspects of the business. I know that teamwork is the spark that makes the company succeed. Even though I am not in the customer service or sales departments anymore, I’ve been in these roles before. I want to make myself available to anyone who needs my help. That is my motivation. I want to be approachable, reachable, almost right away… I want to stop what I am doing and give you the attention that you need. It is the only way to grow a company, to be there for one another. That is why we are here today.

When you work at Hawaii Activities, you are assured that you will be working with the friendliest people around. We will consider you as a person and as family. We will welcome you with open arms. You will have opportunities to experience the tours and activities we sell.  And you will have a chance to work with the parent company, VELTRA with great international opportunities and a great place to learn about travel!



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