Other Information


1 Use of IR Information
This website offers information about VELTRA Corporation (hereinafter the “Company”) aimed at investor relations (hereinafter “IR information”), such as financial information and management indexes. This website does not make an expression or a guarantee of any kind regarding the content of IR information.
The publication of information at this website is not aimed at encouraging investment. The Company requests that you avoid making investment decisions based entirely on information provided at this website and choose your investments at your own discretion when making actual investments.
2. Published Information
The Company is paying close attention to information published at this website. The Company, however, accepts no liability whatsoever for any error in information published thereat, data falsification by a third party, or any difficulty that may result from data downloads and the like, irrespective of the reason.
3. Future Outlooks
Some of the information published at this website describes future performance. Such descriptions do not guarantee future outcomes. They involve risks and uncertainties. Please bear in mind that factors, including changes in conditions, may cause actual future outcomes to differ from those descriptions.
4. Operation of This Website
The Company may suspend the operation of this website, cease the operation thereof or change the content thereof without prior notice.
In addition, there may be cases in which the communications environment, the state of your computers and other factors prevent you from using this website normally. Please note that the Company accept no liability whatsoever for any trouble, loss or damage that may result from such conditions.