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Inquiries from our shareholders and investors are limited to email.

Requests and cautions when making inquiries
We will try to respond promptly, but it may take time to get back to you depending on the content.
We may not be able to provide an answer depending on the content of your inquiry. Please note that we are refraining from answering the following type of questions.
  • Questions about non-public information (performance trends, etc.)
  • Questions that may fall under the “important facts” in Article 166 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (shareholder returns, stock price measures, etc.)
  • Questions about stock market price movements (stock price trends, trading methods, etc.)
  • Inquiries that correspond to slander (unfounded swearing, defaming words, etc.)
  • Inquiries about sales and solicitation (information on XX services, etc.)
  • Inquiries about the contents other than our service
We will handle the personal information you inquire with strict confidentiality. Please check our privacy policy regarding our handling of personal information. In addition, please refrain from reprinting or reusing part or all of the content answered by us.
Thank you for your understanding.
Contact Email: ir@veltra.com