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Our mission is to ensure that travel flourishes in its best form well into the future
CEO Wataru Futagi
Since its start in 2004, VELTRA has dedicated itself to the realization of a global meeting place where travelers can come together and have extraordinary experiences.
If we look at travel today, we see the evolution of diverse services that fit the lifestyles and values of the traveler. As a contributor to this change, VELTRA has searched far and wide for select tours and activities to make available on our online service.
While offering useful travel services and activities, VELTRA does not simply leave it to the market to decide on the quality of the product. As professionals in travel, we select only the best tours and activities and take responsibility for the quality of the experience. ""It's from VELTRA. It must be excellent"" is a level of trust that VELTRA strives to gain from all of our customers. I believe that it is this dedication to a balance between the quality of the experience and the quantity of our offers that forms the foundation of our service.
The future of travel promises easier access to information and greater customization of travel through advancements in IT. However, even in such a world, there exist countless extraordinary experiences around the world that are eager to be discovered. The dedication of those people who will enable our experience of these places--the tour guides and instructors--will only increase in importance and value. It is our mission to connect the traveler with such tour guides and instructors who make possible a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Not only does VELTRA make uncharted experiences possible, but we will continue to ensure solutions for safety, both psychological as well as physical as professionals in travel and create a space where people and cultures can connect and where travelers of the world can have extraordinary experiences. Travel has the capacity to bring so much richness to life. Our mission is to ensure that travel flourishes in its best form well into the future.
CEO Wataru Futagi
CEO Wataru Futagi