Press Release

VELTRA Corporation

VELTRA and ANA Sales Co., Ltd. Launched a New Co-Branded Website, the First of its Kind in Japan: Use ANA Mileage to Book VELTRA’s Tours & Activities

On 29th Oct, 2018, VELTRA Corporation, who runs the global tours & activity booking platform, launched a new website “ANA Option (” in cooperation with ANA group mileage program.

New Website “ANA Option”
VELTRA formed a business tie-up with ANA from 2017, and started offering a service where travelers can earn miles by making a reservation for VELTRA’s tours and activities. To bring our alliances to one step further, we launched the new website where travelers can make bookings using their earned mileage. This service of using miles to book tours & activities is the first of its kind in Japan. The website is available in Japanese.


  • ANA Mileage Club (hereinafter called AMC) Members can book tours & activities using their earned ANA miles.
  • AMC Members can earn miles by purchasing tours & activities.
  • Both AMC Members and non-AMC members can book tours & activities without signing up for VELTRA membership.
    Over 10,000 activities in 130+ countries are listed (as of Oct, 2018).

Enhancing B2B Business
VELTRA is driving its B2B2C business with corporate partners forward with our over 10 years of knowledge about in-destination tours & activities booking service for independent travelers along with a wide range of products from all over the world. Customized development of new services with our corporate partners like this one will create more opportunity for in-destination activities bookings, in addition to the existing B2C and B2B businesses (affiliate and Travel Agent Program). We strive to expand this service further into the market.

VELTRA believes that the essence of travelling is about what you do, not about where you go to. The travelling trend shifted from the group package tours to independent travels, so VELTRA took the growing demands of independent travelers as a chance and has become well known as an experience-based tours and activities booking site. In order to deliver inspirational travel experiences to enrich people’s lives further, VELTRA will continue to bring you a variety of activities from all over the world.