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VELTRA Strengthens Strategic Business Alliance with Tiqets

Aiming to mutually expand customer base and distribution network

[Tokyo, Japan, 1 March, 2023]-- VELTRA Corp, a Tokyo-based online travel firm (TSE:7048), is further strengthening its strategic business alliance with Tiqets International BV, operator of Tiqets, Europe's largest online booking platform for tickets to museums and tourist attractions worldwide. The company also announced that the sales business of Tiqets in Japan has been transferred to Veltra subsidiary LINKTIVITY Inc.

Veltra and Tiqets have now strengthened their partnership, which began in 2018, by signing "Strategic API Interoperability Agreement" to mutually leverage their respective supplier and sales networks. The strengthened alliance is intended to expand the number of sales channels and products, and to mutually expand services not only for Japanese international travelers, but also for foreign visitors to Japan, thereby creating synergies between the two companies. Veltra is currently strategically strengthening its ticket sales business for popular tourist attractions around the world, including Japan, and aims to increase user convenience and loyalty through the alliance with Tiqets and other companies. The key points of this agreement are as follows;

Mutual utilization of each company's supplier network in its major markets
By signing the Strategic API Interoperability Agreement, Veltra, with its network of more than 7,000 local tour and activity operators in 150 countries, and Tiqets, which specializes in selling tickets to popular tourist attractions around the world, will mutually leverage each other's supplier networks to further expand their product offerings and stabilize inventory.

Leveraging the customer bases of both companies
Veltra, with its strong customer base in Japan, and Tiqets, with its customer base primarily in Europe and the U.S., will sell to each other's customers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that maximizes each company's strengths and aims to achieve greater market reach and returns at minimal cost.

Veltra subsidiary LINKTIVITY to take over Tiqets' Japan operations
The sales business, including contracts with tourist facilities in Japan, will be transferred to Veltra subsidiary LINKTIVITY Inc., which operates a transportation and facility platform business.

Wataru Futagi, President and CEO of Veltra Corp. says, “Advance reservations for admission tickets have become the norm for tourist facilities and museums not only in Japan but around the world, and this trend is accelerating. In addition, the inbound market to Japan is beginning to show signs of revival, and there is a strong demand for further digitalization of tourism. In particular, strengthening our partnership with Tiqets, which has a large selection of museums and other tourist facilities, will provide Veltra customers with even more opportunities to experience art from around the world. In addition, by acquiring the contracts of Japanese facilities and museums from Tiqets, Linktivity aims to expand its sales channels to inbound travelers from Europe, North America, and other regions, and further strengthen and expand its services.”

Laurens Leurink CEO Tiqets International BV says, "We are excited to take our strategic partnership with Veltra to the next level by signing an API interoperability agreement that will benefit both partners to expand their customer base and maximize the potential of our supplier networks. We will continue working synergistically to provide great experiences for travelers around the world and give them more ways to experience culture."

About Tiqets
Tiqets is an online booking platform for museums and attractions that connects travelers worldwide with more ways to experience culture.

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