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VELTRA Corporation

VELTRA is Rebranding with New Logo and Corporate Identity

The company expands services to provide genuine experiences in the new era of travel

[Tokyo, Japan, 31 March, 2022]-- VELTRA Corporation (TSE:7048), a Tokyo based online travel company celebrating the brand’s 10th anniversary in the spring of 2022, has introduced a brand new logo, as well as a new corporate identity in order to continue to evolve beyond the boundaries of an online travel agency.

“As a company that has been proposing a new shape of travel, we decided to create a new symbol to reaffirm our corporate culture of challenging the unknown.” says Wataru Futagi, President and CEO of VELTRA. “Our world has changed significantly over the past few years, but by defining our vision and mission as our strong will to be an innovative company under any circumstances, and by visualizing our outlook on the world  in the logo design, we are determined to evolve to create unique corporate value.“

Logo design represents "an exciting, seamless and friendly experience"

After more than a year of internal interviews and workshops since 2019, VELTRA’s brand drivers of "inquisitiveness", "hospitality" and "people-centeredness" were sublimated into the  unique logo design that embodies an exciting, seamless experience and a familiarity that allows customers to feel the presence of people.

Renewed corporate identity for sustainable growth over the coming decades

VELTRA’s corporate vision and mission have also been reviewed in the process of updating the logo design and articulating what VELTRA is aiming to achieve in society.

Vision: “Realize a better world through hospitality”

Customers, business partners, investors, and employees – VELTRA is committed to the realization of a society where everyone is satisfied and happy with one another. By working together with our stakeholders, VELTRA will realize better interactions with society on a global scale.

Mission: “Design the genuine experience of tomorrow”

A "genuine experience" is one which delivers on the wonder of cultures, nature and people that are encountered. VELTRA will continue to create opportunities for experiences as diverse as life itself, not only during travel, but also with a broader perspective throughout our services.

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With 150 countries covered and over 12,000 tours & activities offered, VELTRA is a leader in online tours & activities services. VELTRA is dedicated to the advancement, evolution and development of a global online marketplace where people from around the world can interact, share experiences, and deepen their understanding of one another.


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