VELTRA brand is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

We have always believed that the essence of travel lies in cultural exchange and new encounters.

Since our very beginnings, VELTRA has sought to create opportunities for our customers to experience the world.

Our world has changed over the past few years, and the shape of travel is transforming as well.

VELTRA will also continue to change. Our new logo design reflects our determination to evolve.

Explore the world with a new VELTRA.

Brand new logo!

Logo design

VELTRA strives to be a company that evolves with flexibility and creativity.
Our wish is to keep creating opportunities for people to connect with one another and to create joy and happiness.
With these thoughts in mind, the new logo was designed.

The lines and rhythmic arrangement of the letters, which flow with friendliness from one letter to the next, evoke the movement of human hands, and represent the way we are inspired and awed by experiences from around the world.

The characteristic last letter is an original fusion of the alphabet and Japanese katakana. As the new symbol of VELTRA, it smiles charmingly.

After more than a year of internal interviews and workshops, we translated VELTRA’s brand drivers of "inquisitiveness", "hospitality" and "people-centeredness" into the unique logo design that embodies an exciting, seamless experience and a familiarity that allows customers to feel the presence of people.

Logo animation Color pallet

The friendly colors inspired by nature, which represent VELTRA’s thoughtfulness and close relationship with people, provide sufficient legibility while keeping the contrast minimal.

With a color scheme that blends in seamlessly with a variety of situations, VELTRA is ready to be with you on your adventures.


Realize a better world
through hospitality


Design the genuine experiences
of tomorrow.

Vision / Mission

We have also reviewed our corporate vision and mission in the process of updating our logo design and articulating what VELTRA is aiming to achieve in society.

Customers, business partners, investors, and employees. We are committed to the realization of a society where everyone is happy and satisfied with each other. By working together with our stakeholders, we will realize better interactions with society on a global scale.

A "genuine experience" is one which delivers on the wonder of cultures, nature and people that are encountered. VELTRA will continue to create opportunities for experiences as diverse as life itself, not only during travel, but also throughout our services.