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VELTRA partners with JR Tokai Tours to offer round-trip bullet train packages with discount coupons; includes in-demand products Hakone and Mt. Fuji

Tokyo, Japan - On 9th Sep 2019, VELTRA Corporation--a Japanese Online Travel Agency (OTA) operating a tours & activity booking platform-- launched their collaboration with JR Tokai Tours to offer tourists to Japan new travel packages that include round-trip bullet train (Shinkansen) rides and discount coupons. These travel packages can be used in two areas: Mt.Fuji and Hakone. VELTRA is the first among online travel agencies to sell these products.

The demand for in-destination activities that allow foreign visitors to get to know Japanese culture has swelled in recent years, along with the rapid increase of tourists coming to Japan. The demand is expected to continuously build up, and the need for bullet train tours is particularly high. Sensing the urgency to respond to these needs, VELTRA negotiated with JR Tokai Tours and has successfully furnished their lineup with bullet train packages, starting with the two popular areas of Hakone and Mt. Fuji.

Overview of the Shinkansen Round-Trip Package 

Two types of packages have been developed by JR Tokai Tours to cater specifically to foreign visitors to Japan. These packages include round-trip bullet train tickets coupled with discount coupons that tourists can use on site. The packages were designed to meet the wide range of needs -- from solo travelers to couples and groups. In addition, travelers can avail of 1- to 7-day plans, giving them enough room for flexibility depending on their travel needs.

1. Shinkansen Round Trip Package: Mt. Fuji Area 
Package includes: 

  • Round-trip bullet train journey with non-reserved seating from JR Tokyo or Shinagawa Station to JR Mishima Station
  • 1-Day Tokai Bus Pass: This one-day pass allows unlimited rides on Tokai buses. Having the pass grants the holder convenient access to Japan’s longest suspension bridge, Mishima Skywalk, which also happens to offer a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji. The sight of the mountain from the bus window is also something to look forward to.
  • Mishima Skywalk Admission: Stretching up to 400m long, the suspension bridge is Japan’s longest. Guests can also take in the view of Mt Fuji standing in the distance.


2. Shinkansen Round-Trip Package: Hakone Area 
Package includes: 

  • Round-trip journey with non-reserved seating from JR Tokyo or Shinagawa Station to JR Odawara Station
  • Hakone Tozan Railway, Hakone Cable Car 1-Day Pass: The 1-day ticket covers areas popular among foreign visitors, such as Gora Onsen and the Hakone Open-Air Museum.


*Users will be required to present their passport upon purchase. Only passports issued outside Japan are considered valid.

Benefits of Business Alliance 

This business alliance is expected to provide benefits to foreign visitors to Japan, JR Tokai Tours, and VELTRA. Among the benefits are the following:

  • For Foreign Visitors to Japan: These products, which were once available only from JR Tokai Tours, can now be purchased at VELTRA’s English site. With over 1,900 activities in Japan, travelers can use the platform to make one-stop bookings for their itineraries. In addition, online payment allows cashless transactions, which is a growing demand for foreign visitors. At present, these packages can only be reserved online through VELTRA.
  • For JR Tokai Tours: By adding their products to VELTRA, a platform that specializes in in-destination activities, JR Tokai Tours is able to reach even more foreign visitors to Japan who are looking for optional tours and activities.
  • For VELTRA: This alliance affords VELTRA the opportunity to sell highly competitive products in a departure point that is saturated with foreign visitors to Japan. Fuji & Hakone tours from Tokyo have a particularly high demand, and this development allows the online travel agency to respond accordingly.

About JR Tokai Tours 
JR Tokai Tours provides sales and planning of Japan inbound packaged tours, sales of JR and accommodation tickets, sales and planning of overseas and domestic tours for large groups, sales of domestic and overseas packaged tours for other companies.

VELTRA believes that the essence of travel is about what you do once you reach your destination. Travelling trends in Asia are rapidly shifting from group package tours to independent travel, a growing demand that VELTRA has successfully responded to by increasing offers of experience-based tours and activities with easy online booking. With a mission of delivering inspirational travel experiences that enrich people’s lives, VELTRA will continue to encourage travelers to experience once-in-a-lifetime activities from all over the world.

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