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VELTRA teams up with Tokyo Travel Partners who specialize in wheelchair accessible tours, responding to increasing demand ahead of 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

Tokyo, Japan - On 8th Feb 2019, VELTRA Corporation--a Japanese Online Travel Agency (OTA) operating a tours & activity booking platform--launched their collaboration with Tokyo Travel Partners, specialists in wheelchair accessible tours in Tokyo and surrounding areas. Find out more at VELTRA’s dedicated landing page “TOKYO ACCESSIBLE TOURS” for a preview of what’s in store. (

Making possible the joy of travel to all

“Tokyo Travel Partners operates private wheelchair accessible tours in equipped vehicles for elderly and those who have special needs to share the joy of the travel experience to everybody. Our goal is to create a society where anyone with different needs can travel freely by public transport and visit various places without any stress. We believe that the number of “barrier-free” tours we provide will contribute to positively impact perspectives about accessibility, leading to a “barrier-free” awareness," says Shigeyuki Kurihara, founder and director of Tokyo Travel Partners.

“We are very excited about our newest partnership with Tokyo Travel Partners. We are dedicated in delivering inspirational travel experiences. This partnership represents a shared mission between VELTRA and Tokyo Travel Partners: extraordinary memories from travel will continue to blossom in our minds and eventually, they enrich people's lives further. Also, this partnership is a great opportunity to explore the possibility of offering such kind of tours not only in Tokyo, but also all over Japan,” said Mitsuko Takebe, Director of Inbound Retail at VELTRA.

Increasing demand for English-guided accessible tours in Japan

In 2018, the total annual number of travelers visiting Japan reached 30 Million, the highest in history (Dec 2018, Japan National Tourism Office), and the growth is expected to continue ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games. Although Japan's main attractions are wheelchair-friendly, VELTRA is proud to partner with Tokyo Travel Partners who have expertise in “barrier-free” tours in Tokyo and surrounding areas, and who are actively addressing the demand from people with special needs. Moreover, VELTRA is delighted to provide the joy of travel to all people visiting and exploring this unique and amazing destination – Japan.

Features of the wheelchair accessible tours

  • Each van is equipped with a lift that makes it easy to get in and out of. Both wheelchair users and their companions can relax and enjoy the tour as the accompanying guide is also trained to attend to the needs of the differently abled.
  • The services are made for both solo travelers and private small groups. There are recommended sightseeing courses, but customized requests are also welcome.
  • One of the challenges of navigating Japan is the lack of language support. The customer will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide who will provide relevant information and insight.

Kamakura is known for its cultural treasures such as the Giant Buddha of Kotoku-in Temple. Enoshima is a port town with a laid-back atmosphere and lovely seaside views.

Catch sight of Japan's most famous mountain. Visit the hot spring town of Hakone and wheel your way across Japan's longest suspension bridge.

Whether you're coming from or going to Narita or Haneda Airport, you can travel to your destination worry-free. Transfers to and from Yokohama Port are also available. (Tokyo Haneda international airport) (Narita international airport) (Yokohama cruise ship port)

About Tokyo Travel Partners
Tokyo Travel Partners specialize in tours in Tokyo and surrounding areas at an affordable price for the elderly and for those who require special assistance, with fully equipped vehicles and drivers who are also certified as care workers.

VELTRA believes that the essence of travel is about what you do once you reach your destination. Travelling trends are rapidly shifting from group package tours to independent travel, a growing demand that VELTRA has successfully responded to by increasing offers of experience-based tours and activities with easy online booking. With a mission of delivering inspirational travel experiences that enrich people’s lives, VELTRA will continue to encourage travelers to experience once-in-a-lifetime activities from all over the world.

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