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VELTRA Unveils 3-Day, 2-Night Mt. Fuji Immersion Experience for Travelers to Japan

Offering more than just a day trip to Mt. Fuji

[Tokyo, Japan, 2 February, 2023]-- VELTRA Corp, a Tokyo-based online travel firm (TSE:7048), has partnered with Ecologic to offer a unique immersive experience in the Mt. Fuji region (Fuji-Hakone Izu National Park). The 3-day, 2-night program features a stay at Ecologic's Mount Fuji Satoyama Vacation glamping site, an eco-tour guided by an English-speaking guide, and authentic local cuisine.

A way of life in Mt. Fuji

Fuji, Japan's iconic landmark, has captivated people for centuries. The region at its foothills boasts a rich natural environment and traditional lifestyle. Although it is a popular destination for tourists visiting Japan, most only visit for a day, missing out on the unique experiences the area has to offer. In 2019, despite a record number of foreign visitors to Japan, only 2,237 stayed overnight compared to 29,601 who were day-trippers, making up less than 8%*. With an expected rise in inbound tourism, there is growing demand to cater to a diverse range of traveler interests.

In response to these opportunities, Veltra, a provider of local experiences and activities in 150 countries, has teamed up with Ecologic, the operator of the Mount Fuji Satoyama Vacation in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Together, they have launched a special 3-day, 2-night program that features ecotours in partnership with local residents and a stay at a glamping facility with views of Mt. Fuji. The program aims to encourage foreign visitors to Japan, who typically only stay for a day, to spend a few nights in the Fuji area, allowing them to relax, immerse themselves in nature, and experience the region's history and culture.

* Calculated by VELTRA from the 2021 Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism Exchange Trends (Fuji area: Fujinomiya City, Fuji City, Gotemba City, Susono City, Nagaizumi-cho and Oyama-cho)

Highlights of the program

Stay at a glamping facility with a view of Mt. Fuji
Stay at the Mount Fuji Satoyama Vacation, where you will spend a relaxing time surrounded by the nature of the village while admiring dynamic views of Mt. Fuji. The facilities strive to reduce environmental impact by taking steps such as eliminating disposable plastics as much as possible.

Participate in ecotours in cooperation with the local community
This program is very much off the beaten track, and would be impossible to experience on a day trip - Mt. Fuji Forest tours with English-speaking guides, electric bicycle tours with lunches made from local ingredients such as rainbow trout, and other ecotours that convey the Japanese view of nature and their respect for the rich gifts of Mt. Fuji. 

Sustainable travel in action
The program promotes a form of travel that reduces CO2 emissions by using public transport, such as local buses, and by streamlining movement instead of taking several smaller day trips. The hosts strive to propose a responsible style of travel to ensure that the area's diverse ecosystem is passed on to the future.

Both Veltra and Ecologic have signed the "National Parks of Japan Official Partnership program" with the Ministry of Environment, and have been working together to realize sustainable tourism, including jointly planning an eco-tour program in 2022. Ecologic, which is participating in the Ministry of Environment's subsidy project, which aims to revitalize local economies that have been affected by the pandemic, organize the tours, and Veltra is responsible for sales and promotion.

With the help of official national park partners, Veltra will develop and market activities and programs that enable visitors to experience nature, not only in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, but also throughout Japan. Through the sales and promotion of sustainable experience tours in national parks, Veltra will also raise awareness of the importance of coexisting with nature and passing on local culture, to deliver genuine experiences of tomorrow.

A way of life in Mt. Fuji

About Ecologic
Ecologic supports ecotourism development worldwide with the mission of 'protecting the world's diverse natural environments, local cultures and the dignity of people through ecotourism'. Ecologic operates En-Ya, Mt. Fuji Ecotours in partnership with local residents, and the experience-based Mt Fuji Satoyama Vacation in its home town of Fujinomiya.

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