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Beyond Tokyo’s Bright Lights: Showing Visitors Japan’s Rural Charm VELTRA Collaborates with SEIBU Railways to Promote Day Trips to Saitama

Tokyo, October 5, 2017 - Veltra, a global online tour and activity booking service based in Tokyo, has joined forces with SEIBU Railways to promote day trips that allow Tokyo visitors to explore the historical, natural and outdoor delights of nearby Saitama prefecture for under $15, thanks to special SEIBU Day Passes.

Both the SEIBU 1 Day Pass and SEIBU 1 Day Pass + Nagatoro are currently available for sale, which allow visitors one-day unlimited use of the SEIBU train lines and select sections of Chichibu Railways lines. Besides popular day trip destinations such as Kawagoe, Chichibu, Nagatoro and the red spider lily fields of Kinchakuda, visitors can also visit the many parks, hiking courses, amusement parks and shopping spots adjacent to the train line. To allow visitors to customize their itinerary to suit their personal tastes, VELTRA is providing useful interactive anddownloadable maps marking all the top spots to visit, as well as recommended seasonal itineraries.

Of this new collaboration, Regional Marketing Manager Chiara Terzuolo said, ‘It is important to make it easier for visitors to get a deeper experience of Japan, and introduce them to areas outside of the ‘Golden Route’ of Tokyo-Mt. Fuji- Kyoto. These well-priced passes will also be a great option for budget-conscious travelers, as well as repeat visitors to Tokyo who are looking for more offbeat day trip destinations.

Currently Veltra boasts over 2000 tours across Japan on their English site, and plan on increasing tours and activities in lesser-known areas, to help boost tourism outside the country’s major cities.

VELTRA is an online tour and activity booking service based in Tokyo that connects travelers to memorable and unique local experiences through their 3 brands: VELTRA, Hawaii Activities and City Discovery. Founded in 1991, it has grown from a service primarily aimed at the Japanese market to a global tour provider with branches in Honolulu, London, Paris, Manila, Rome, Shanghai and Malaysia